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Help Topics & F.A.Q.
This Help / FAQ page is designed to assist you in answering questions you may have.
If you have questions about us or the site in general, please check this list to see if it can be answered here quickly. If you can't find the answer you are looking for click here to contact us.

General Information

 · Who Are You?
 · Can I advertise anything I want on the website?
 · Do you charge commission for items sold off your site?
 · Exactly how much does my advertising cost me?
 · How do you promote your website?
 · How much traffic does your website see?
 · How do I send any suggestions or comments?
 · Iím having problems signing up online. Is there someone there to help me through it?
 · Do I need a credit card to become a member?
 · Why advertise on this site?
 · How do you enable pop-ups?
 · What is the difference between a Click and a View?


 · Can I post more then three items on the website?
 · If I sell one of my items can I fill that spot with another item?
 · If I purchase a 3-ad package, do I have to post all 3 items right away?
 · If I only have 2 items to sell, do I have to purchase 2 single - ad packages?
 · What if I donít have a digital camera?
 · What does "full service" mean?
 · How do I place an Ad?
 · How do I upload images?
 · What is the card security code?
 · Selling Tips

Member Information

 · Can I change the information on my Ad?
 · How do I choose a good username and password?
 · Why can't two members share the same username or password?


 · How do I contact a seller?
 · What are Local Classifieds?
 · What do you mean by a Negotiable Price, a Fixed Price, and No Price?


 · Is my credit Card Safe on this site?
 · How do I protect myself from buyer and seller scams?
 · How do you know if a buyer email is a scam?


 · Privacy Policy
 · Terms & Conditions

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